Sorgenfrei Coworking Responsibility for COVID-19

Dear members and interested parties,

Since mid-March 2020 we have been confronted with a challenging situation. Our social responsibility is to protect the health of our members, the team and our families. To this end, we not only continuously comply with the orders of the Austrian government, but also regularly adapt the design of our space concepts and the range of our services to the new circumstances.

We can all be proud of the positive development of the recovery rates in Austria and we can all fulfil our duty to boost the economy of our country again through well-considered and well-coordinated joint action.

In this spirit, I would like to thank all our members for their confidence in a common future and my team for the great achievements of the past weeks. I am very much looking forward to taking the step-by-step path together towards a secure cooperation and personal exchange in our coworking centers.

Marcus Weixelberger

CEO & Founder

COVID-19 measures for your worry-free coworking workday

We want to provide you with the perfect working environment for any situation and your well-being is also very important to us. A working experience with full service so that you can focus on your business is very important to us.
Reduced seating areas in open space to maintain the relevant safety distances
Increased cleaning intervals for our coworking premises
Remote visits to reduce the number of contacts
More cost effective use of our meeting rooms as an member to keep a safe distance during meetings
A free mouth and nose protector for you
Uncomplicated disinfection through hand disinfection dispenser
Surface disinfection for your hygienic workplace
Distance markings in the Open-Space area

Your remote visit virtual & safe

Let us show you our coworking centers via video call from home.

Jetzt remote besichtigen
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