FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

What are the opening hours of the locations?2020-01-07T13:59:42+01:00

Depending your membership you can access our locations as follow:

  • with FLEX-ACCESS from Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 18:00
  • with FIX-DESK and PRIVATE-OFFICE 24/7
Is there a kitchen in the locations?2020-01-07T13:54:32+01:00

All Coworking Center have a kitchen with fridge, microwave, fully automated coffee machine and soda-& water dispenser at convenience of our members.

What is included in my andys.cc membership?2020-01-07T13:47:23+01:00

You get a full package in order to help you fully focus on your business. It includes premium wifi, printing and scanning, coffee & tea, snacks, non-alcoolic drinks and a pack of meeting hours per month depending on you membership.

What about printing?2020-01-07T09:32:57+01:00

Of course! Quite simply, without the annoying installation of printer drivers.

Can I get a tour of the location before becoming a member?2020-01-07T09:29:43+01:00

Yes of course! You can book a tour as you wish online or over the phone for any of our locations: +43 5-7585

How can I book a meeting room?2020-01-07T09:26:51+01:00

You can simply use our app to book a meeting room.

Here is the link to our app:
Android / Google Playstore
iOS / Apple Store

Are my customers and business partners allowed to visit my office?2020-01-07T09:26:33+01:00

Yes, feel free to meet in the lounge area or to book a meeting room with our app.

Can I officially register my company at a location’s address of andys.cc?2019-12-10T10:29:54+01:00

Yes you can! This additional service vary depending on your membership. Feel free to contact us under sales@andys.cc for more information.

What are the memberships at andys.cc?2020-01-21T10:45:26+01:00

You can choose between the following memberships:
FLEX-ACCESS – your flexible workspace in an andys.cc location
FLEX-ACCESS EVERYWHERE – your access to several locations with flexible workspace
FIX-DESK – your own workspace in an andys.cc location
PRIVATE-OFFICE – get more privacy with your own office space for up to 4 persons

How to get in touch with andys.cc?2020-01-21T10:44:54+01:00

Simply use our contact form or schedule an appointement online to check any andys.cc location.
You can also reach us over the phone under +43 5 75 85 or send us an email at sales@andys.cc.

How much does it cost to book a Meeting-room?2020-01-03T13:08:16+01:00

You can find our current pricing here