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Are you looking for a coworking space in Vienna or Lower Austria? Then you are exactly right with us! We offer you your ideal workplace for any situation so that you can concentrate fully on your business.

Whether a coworking space is the perfect working environment for you, and how you can benefit from our services as a coworker, is explained in more detail here.
Our mission is to transform your workplace into a service and to enable you a network of flexible workplaces near you. Efficiency, productivity and state-of-the-art technology combined with a feel-good atmosphere and all-in service offer you everything you need. The perfect coworking experience!
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In addition to startups, EPUs and freelancers, you will also network with small and medium-sized companies in our locations. But we also offer large companies the right working environment for their needs. In our coworking spaces, we offer you shared offices with different workplace solutions from freely selectable (Flex-Access) to desks reserved for you (Fix-Desk) to lockable offices (Private-Office). You decide with us what your perfect coworking experience should look like.
We now operate six coworking spaces in different districts and federal states. Another 50 locations throughout Austria are planned by 2021. 

To work in coworking spaces has it's benefits

Our philosophy is to enable you the best possible workplace in our coworking locations and to constantly adapt them to new conditions. Working in an coworking space, whether in a shared or private office, offers you countless benefits.
Flex Access Everywhere Coworking Go4all

Flex-Access Everywhere

Work where and when you want with Flex-Access Everywhere - you get access to all our coworking spaces. No matter what county or state you are in.
Digitaler Zutritt Coworking

Comfort by technology

Time-saving access via smartphone, ongoing information and updates via our app and online bookable meeting rooms help you to concentrate on your business in any coworking space.
Location Manager Coworking

All-in services

Our location managers take care of the daily servicing of our locations, so that nothing is missing in your daily working day. They are also available to answer any questions you may have.
Members Portal Coworking

Members Portal

You can always ask questions via our Members Portal and create a ticket in case of technical problems.
Geld Sparen

Save money

Eliminate expensive brokerage fees, deposits and commission costs. We are convinced that you should better invest this money in your ideas!
Qualitative Ausstattung

Qualitative equipment

Give structure to your work with a professionally equipped workplace, meeting rooms and increase your productivity and image.
Designer Büro

Interior inspires

The interior concept of our coworking spaces was created by designers and adapted to your needs, so that you feel even more comfortable with us and can impress your guests.
Members Portal App Coworking


Join our community through the cross-location digital networking in the Members Portal and regular events. Use the business synergies in coworking for you.
Coworking In Meiner Nähe

Workplace near you

Our constantly growing network of locations not only supports you in working flexibly, but also enables you to access a standardised infrastructure in our coworking spaces.

Anything you need, anytime, anywhere.

Don't desperately search for a coffee house for your next meeting or a short break between your appointments. Make our coworking centers the home of your business. Come as often and as long as you want!
Schnelles Wlan Coworking
Premium Wi-Fi
Drucken Und Scannen Coworking
Printing & Scanning
24/7 Access
24/7 access
Location Manager Coworking
Location Manager
Tägliche Reinigung Coworking
daily cleaning
Fruchtsäfte Sodawasser Coworking
Fruit juices & soda water
Obst Und Snacks Coworking
Fruit & Snacks
Kaffee Und Tee Coworking
Coffee & Tea
Digitaler Zutritt Coworking
Digital access
Mikrowelle Coworking
Members Portal Coworking
Klimatisiertes Büro Coworking
Air conditioning
Flex Access Wien Coworking Space Hotdesk Vienna

Coworking Spaces Vienna

Innovative working worlds in the middle of the city
Vienna is not only the largest city in Austria, but also the number one worldwide in terms of quality of life. A modern city, with a very up-and-coming start-up scene that is home to numerous creative people, freelancers and digital nomads. And you and your business in the middle of it! 

In times of digitalisation, flexible working environments are becoming increasingly important for turning ideas and plans into reality. We offer you the solution with our coworking spaces in Vienna. No matter whether you are an established company that wants to give agile teams a professionally equipped home, or EPUs, freelancers and startups. Find your ideal workplace for every situation with us.
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We already operate five of our coworking spaces in Vienna for you. You can easily reach our offices in Vienna by underground or by car. Our largest coworking space with many shared and private offices is located in the hip 6th district in the Gumpendorferstraße, not far from the Museumsquartier.
Furthermore, our coworking spaces are also available in 1st district, in the up-and-coming 2nd district and in the 23rd district south of Vienna. Find all our locations here.
Coworking Space Networking Wien 1060 Gumpendorf

Coworking Spaces Lower Austria

Reduce commuting through shared offices in your local environment.
Lower Austria has a growing economy with many small but also large companies and is the largest province in Austria. The large number of daily commuters working in Vienna is proof of this.  We therefore believe that there is a growing need for flexible coworking spaces in this area as well. 

To ensure you get our flexible working environment in Lower Austria, we recently opened our first coworking space in Lower Austria. It is perfectly located in Klosterneuburg on the outskirts of Vienna and offers all the amenities of a modern working environment. Further projects are already in the pipeline, so that you can also work flexibly in Lower Austria.
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After all, our ambitions for growth are very high. We are constantly working on opening new coworking spaces in Lower Austria, so that there will soon be one near you. Find all our locations here.

Our memberships for you

Is flexibility important to you? Fo us it is! Simply choose the membership that best suits your way of working and your wishes. Not every type of membership is available to you at each of our locations, but you are welcome to work at different coworking spaces in our network. We offer you the following possibilities in our coworking spaces:
Cowokring Space Wien Loepoldstadt


Our Flex-Access membership gives you 24/7 access to our coworking spaces at any place in our Open Space area. All you need is a laptop and you can get started with your projects right away.
Are you in sales or an entrepreneur? Are you searching for even more flexibility in working besides your home office or corporate office? Then choose our Flex-Access membership, because it is ideal for this purpose.
Schreibtisch Monatlich Mieten


With our Fix-Desk membership you rent your personal desk in one of our coworking spaces. So whenever you want to, you can use the workstation reserved for you every day and leave your things lying around or lock them up in your locker. Are you looking for a new home for your business at a fixed location? At the same time you want to benefit from a network of flexible working environments? If so, our Fix-Desk in one of our coworking spaces is just right for you.
Prviate Office Coworking Space Vienna


Are you looking for your own office? But you don't want to worry about equipment, infrastructure or cleaning? Our Private-Office membership is the perfect solution for you. Benefit from your own lockable office space including our all-in services. You''ll not only enjoy all the advantages of a coworking space, but also the benefits of your own office. Thereby you avoid the annoying and expensive issues such as brokerage, deposit, insurance, long commitment periods and office cleaning.

Perfect workplaces for every working situation

All-in for you, so you get the best work experience on the market. Enjoy modern design with state-of-the-art technology and the best personal service from our location manager in our professionally equipped coworking spaces.
How To Work Remote

Coworking for EPU’s, freelancers and digital nomads

The ideal personal workplace - whether flexible, with your own desk or in a private office. ambience, meeting room and coffee included. Our shared offices help to structure your working day and increase your productivity. Additionally you can network with our community and make new business contacts. Stop by and visit our coworking spaces without any obligation.
Coworking Spaces In Wien

Coworking for employees in the field

A flexible field office for those who are often on the road - whether working, discussing or networking, we have the right environment for all mobile employees. All you need is your laptop. Work in all coworking spaces and benefit from our constantly growing location network. Use the flexibility so that you can concentrate fully on your customers. Our Private-Offices are also perfectly suited as additional branch offices and in our meeting rooms you can also welcome your customers in a professional atmosphere. That' s how work works today!
Workshop Room In Wien Buchen

Coworking for agile companies

Remote working, home office or meeting rooms - we offer the right solution for the increasing requirements of your agile company. Our Private-Offices offer you a privacy-compliant opportunity to open an additional location without much effort and expense. Your teams can work creatively while   receiving clients in a professional working environment Our coworking spaces offer you a all-in service so that you can concentrate fully on your business. Get in touch with us so that we can find the ideal solution for your company and advise you on our memberships!
Coworking Space Wien

Coworking for startups

Our coworking spaces are ideal for your up-and-coming startup. No matter if workplaces in a shared office (Flex-Access & Fix-Desk) or in a private office. All our locations are available 24/7 and our all-in services help you to concentrate on your growth. Numerous successful startups already trust in our concept. Stop by and become part of our common success story.

Are you ready for the future of work?

This is the first step to your new workplace.
Your all-in-one platform. Tausch dich aus, buche direkt deinen Meeting-Room und sei zu jeder Zeit Teil eines digitalen Netzwerks.
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